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Stagegram eGram

Knock 'Em Dead (eCard)

Knock 'Em Dead (eCard)

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eGrams (also known as Ecards) will be sent immediately after purchase, unless scheduled for a later date. EGrams can be scheduled to send anytime from 30 minutes to up to 60 days in advance. Your name and email will be visible to the recipient. Any replies to the egram will be sent directly to the sender’s email. No physical product will be shipped.

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You got an eGram!

In the 40s & 50s, the golden age of broadway, telegrams would arrive from all over the world to wish stars luck on their big opening & closing nights. Never miss a chance to celebrate someone’s performance. Our Stagegram eGrams make it simple and easy to wish anyone to break a leg, no matter where they are. Our eGrams include:

  • Beautiful designs to choose from.
  • Sender notifications when the eGram is opened.
  • Scheduling options to send on specific dates & times.

Nothing is more exciting for a performer or crew member to check their emails backstage and to see in their inbox that they have received a Stagegram eGram!

eGram (eCard) Information

What will be sent?

The recipient will receive an email in their mailbox. The subject line will read “You received a stagegram from [sender’s name]”. When they open the eGram it will display the digital card along with your personal message below. This is a digital product, no physical product will be sent.

What information will the recipient be able to see?

The recipient of your eGram will be able to see the sender’s name and email address. Any replies to the eGram will be sent directly to the sender’s email.

Can I schedule for it to be sent later?

Yes, when filling out the form click the Schedule button. You can choose the date and time that you would like your eGram to be sent. eGrams can be scheduled to send anytime from 30 minutes to up to 60 days in advance.

Can I send multiple eGrams at once?

You can purchase multiple eGrams in one transaction however they will have to be added individually to your cart.

If you have a large group of people, consider our bulk eCard option located at the top of this page.

Shipping & Returns


No physical product will be shipped.


All eGrams are final purchase and can not be canceled after they are purchased.